Being a member pays off!

How does it works?

At La Coop Unifrontières, there are two categories of members: the agricultural members and the auxiliary members.

By becoming a member of La Coop Unifrontières, you become a co-owner of a successful business with a leading social and economic role for its region, in addition to benefiting from all the advantages associated with membership.

Currently the cooperative has more than 935 farmer members and over 365 auxiliary members.

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Farmer member

What are the advantages of becoming a member?

  • Be part of a group that benefits from technical meetings, information meetings and social activities, which also represent places of exchange that contribute to personal development.
  • Be part of a company that is primarily focused on member services.
  • Have access to specific promotions reserved for members.
  • Receive free of charge the magazine “Le coopérateur” which provides a wide range of information.
  • Have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Have the opportunity to become a director of your cooperative and thus develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Be eligible for the Cooperative Investment Plan (CIP), which saves taxes in Quebec while making good investments.
  • Receive a rebate in proportion to your purchases in the various sectors, based on the distribution of the cooperative’s profit proposed by the Board of Directors and established at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Own a sustainable business compared to private enterprise.

Who is eligible?

All agricultural producers whose farms are located in the territory served by La Coop Unifrontières. All applications are evaluated by the Board of Directors.

How to proceed?

Contact your consultant or Lysanne David, Communications Coordinator at 450 245-3308 ext. 25802 or by email at

You will then have to complete the membership forms and subscribe to 100 $10 ($1,000) qualifying shares, the first 25 of which are payable at the time of your membership ($250). You can make your payment by cheque, debit card or cash at one of our eight offices at La Coop Unifrontières.

*To be a member, you must first have an open account. If you do not have an open account, please complete the account opening form.


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Auxiliary member

What are the advantages of becoming an auxiliary member?

  • Possibility of benefiting from discounts calculated on the basis of the total amount of your purchases during the year (Dec. 1 to Nov. 30). The more you buy from the cooperative, the more advantageous it is!
  • Specific promotions reserved for members.
  • Right to speak at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Recognition of your membership status in all sectors of activity.

Who is eligible?

  • All customers of La Coop Unifrontières who do not have the status of agricultural producer (registered with MAPAQ or OMAFRA).
  • If you are a producer, you are in another category of membership and must contact your representative.
  • All applications are evaluated by the Board of Directors.

How to proceed?

  • Ask your hardware clerk for more information.
  • Complete the membership contract.
  • Pay in a single cash payment for your $50 share and you become a co-owner of La Coop Unifrontières.

Once your membership is complete….

Your request will be processed and we will confirm your membership number by email or mail and send you some explanatory documents. According to the cooperative’s policies, the board of directors reserves the right to refuse a member’s membership.

Your membership number is valid in all our divisions: hardware, convenience store, garden centre, animal sector, plant sector, propane and petroleum purchase.
It will be very important to mention your membership number to the clerk when making all your purchases so that we can add up your annual purchase volume used to calculate your discount!


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Frequently asked questions about membership

Can I get a refund of my auxiliary shares ($50)?

Yes. If you move to another region or because of death. To do this, you must apply to your co-op.

Do I have to have an account at La Coop Unifrontières to be a member?

No. You can be a member while buying cash. We then send you a number that corresponds to your member folder in our files and thanks to which your purchase volume is recorded.

If I have an account number, am I automatically a member?

No. Having a customer number does not automatically give you membership status. You must have completed the membership contract and subscribed to your share of qualification. When you become a member, your member and customer number are one and the same. It is on the clerk’s screen that your membership is indicated.

Fond RIC pour membres Coop Unifrontières

Invest in your future with RIC

What is the RIC?

The RIC (Cooperative Investment Plan) is a class of preferred shares that, in addition to being an investment, is a real way to save taxes. You benefit from a tax deduction and receive an attractive dividend. You can recover your down payment after five (5) years, as long as the company has met the conditions that allow it to be redeemed.

Who can subscribe to the RIC?

All La Coop fédérée employees residing in Québec, including Olymel, except for Olymel subsidiaries. Member-policyholders (who reside in Quebec) of cooperative agricultural centres may also subscribe.

Do you want to contribute?

Contact Ms. Geneviève Messier, Senior Human Resources Advisor

450-245-3308, ext. 25826 or by email.